care info

most of my pots are only glazed on the inside with the outside left as raw clay (with some glaze details) the clay is fully vitrified and 100% food safe, microwave safe, & dishwasher safe - but i do recommend hand washing because some dishwashers can be a bit rough and break anything you have in there and it would really suck if your dishwasher broke a one of a kind piece of art !!

*i do sometimes make pieces with glaze all over, if you have one of those, the following does not apply*

sometimes, especially with white clay, the raw clay can get a little scuffed up or coffee stained, you can clean stubborn scuffs off with a magic eraser or a little baking soda on a tooth brush

before i send my pots off to you, i sand the outside with 220 grit sand paper and apply a coat of food grade mineral oil (often used for wood cutting boards)

if you notice a rough spot that i missed, give it a little sanding! any sand paper 220 grit or finer will do

if you've been using your pot for a while and want to spruce it up again, add some more mineral oil! the brand doesnt matter, just make sure to get food grade, and follow the instructions on the bottle 

this is definitely not necessary, but it does make the clay nice and rich so i think its worth it