hi i’m courtney


i make pinch pots. i went to school for this haahahah. i live in houston texas with my cat, dexter, and my dog, indigo. i like slow mornings and long walks. i drink too much coffee so i have to make cups to put it in. functional art is cOOl.



dex, dexy, angel boy

the absolute sweetest boy on the planet. loves cuddling the most. sleeps a lot. loves a good box and paper bags. only meows once a day. loves everyone. always wants belly rubs. likes to be held like a baby.



indi, beanie, bean.

also loves slow mornings and long walks and cuddles and belly rubs. loves her friends A LOT. not interested in new friends. has a lot of very big feelings and doesn't know how to deal with them. the smartest silliest best girl in the whole world.